Power Factor Correction Units (PFC)

We use PFCs to reduce your monthly peak demand so you do not pay excessive charges. You can utilise this technology to outsmart your energy provider. You could expect to see up to 30% reductions in your peak demand charges.

The Latest Eco-Friendly Lighting Solutions

We will assess your lighting in both office and Hi-Bay warehouse lighting and will offer an eco-friendly lighting solution that allows you to save up to 71% in your lighting usage.

Solar Power

Depending on your building’s footprint, we can assess whether solar power generation can benefit your business in taking advantage of the abundance of sunshine in the “Sunshine State”. You could reduce your grid consumption by over 50%.



Telecommunications is a vital part of your business in this modern age. In over 95% of situations, we are able to offer a solution for you where, without changing your current provider, we can still offer very substantial savings of up to 25% of your current monthly costs.