Computer company slashes electricity costs by 78% pa.

Updated: May 8, 2019

Having been established for over 15 years in the Ipswich District, Ace Computer World is well known for quality, reliability and personal service in the computer industry.

Janet Roberts (ACW), Brett Yuile (Corporate Energy), and Noel Roberts (ACW)

Long established Ipswich based family business Ace Computer World slashed their electricity costs by installing new LED Lighting and a quality solar panel array on the roof of their premises in Brisbane Street Ipswich.

Owners Noel and Janet Roberts were excited but sceptical when Brett Yuile (Director at Corporate Energy & Communications Pty Ltd) made the claim that his company would wipe out the majority of their electricity costs.

“We had been wanting to address this issue over the years, and at last we found a company able to attack our total electricity usage with a combined solar and lighting solution”, said Noel.

Having known Brett for over 10 years in his previous role as their area manager with Toshiba (Australia) Limited, Noel and Janet hold him in high regard as someone who does not exaggerate or make false promises.

"We are now in control of an expense that was out of control”

After in-depth analysis, Corporate Energy proposed to replace their old lights with energy efficient LED lighting, install 36 solar panels and take advantage of the Government’s green energy incentives and feed in tariffs from the energy retailers.

Although restricted by the size of their roof, Ace Computer World have achieved over 78% reduction in their electricity costs.

Customers have also commented on the brightness and modern appearance of the shop since the new LED lighting was installed. “This has been a win-win in both savings and presentation”, Noel & Janet said.

“We are delighted to recommend Brett Yuile and Corporate Energy as a winning combination that can deliver on their promises to wipe out your electricity bills”, said Noel.

“This is refreshing in an industry where exaggerated claims are a common complaint”.

“Brett has given us the peace of mind of enjoying electricity independence and I look forward to opening my electricity bills, knowing we are now in control of an expense that was out of control”.

We have an asset on our roof - that is the gift that keeps on giving - for the next 25 years”.

Corporate Energy & Communications

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