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Updated: May 8, 2019

In just two years and two months Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) will achieve a return on investment that will save them almost $20,000 annually on their electricity costs.

Brett Yuile, Harley Sparke (CPA Group) and Stephen Harley

Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) is a Brisbane based specialist organisation providing premium corporate (human and asset) protection to the oil and gas, mining, maritime and critical infrastructure industries.

The CPA Group of companies is comprised of six businesses led by their highly regarded Executive chairman - Harley Sparke. Harley is well respected among his peers having worked for more than 25 years in the emergency service and security industry.

“We have six businesses in the group that provide a range of private emergency services and equipment to critical infrastructure in remote rural and hostile environments. ,” said Harley.

According to Harley the other businesses that make up the CPA Group are Baseline Training which provides quality workplace health & safety education and training throughout Australia, Corporate Protection Australia Health and Medical (CPAGHM) providing certified doctors, paramedics and nurses, equipment, vehicles and clinical infrastructure for a complete site emergency solution, Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue (CPAF&R) that specialises in the provision of fire rescue and emergency management staffing, equipment and advisory, iSafe Safety Management Systems (iSafe SMS) which specialises in risk, safety and security consultancy to the maritime, mining/energy and critical infrastructure industries and Corporate Protection International (CPI) which delivers all of our services offshore and incorporates all 5 elements of sustainability; health and safety, environmental, social, financial and governance in its day to day operations, and as part of its strategic plan.

In March of this year Harley and his Chief Financial Officer Wayne McDonald were approached by the directors of Corporate Energy & Communications Stephen Harley and Brett Yuile to review the company’s power usage and explore if they could reduce their ever increasing power bills.

"I am very pleasantly surprised that we have been able to slash our electricity bill by almost $20,000 per annum”

“The rising cost of our electricity charges was getting out of hand,” said Wayne.

“We had heard some very positive reports about the results that Corporate Energy & Communications was achieving for other businesses, so we were happy for them to conduct an audit of our energy usage.”

Wayne said one of the surprising areas that Corporate Energy & Communications identified it could reduce the power costs was in the area of lighting. He said Corporate Energy & Communications recommended that they replace all of the existing lighting with low energy LED panels and lighting.

“As CFO for the group my constant concern is to ensure we reduce costs wherever possible. After crunching the numbers on the outlay of replacing the lighting and the expected return on investment it was a ‘no brainer’ to proceed,” he said.

The entire lighting replacement of their Eagle Farm headquarters took only five days to complete.

Harley stated, “I am very pleasantly surprised that we have been able to slash our electricity bill by almost $20,000 per annum through Corporate Energy & Communications’ low energy LED lighting replacement program.”

Wayne said that the payback on the investment would be achieved in approximately two years and two months which is fantastic ROI timeframe.

“We were very happy with Stephen and Brett’s professional manner and the way in which they oversaw the whole project from planning through to implementation. They have been great people to deal with and we would certainly recommend them to other businesses that want to reduce their energy bills.”

Harley Sparke said “Corporate Energy and their partner Asher Christopher, MD of Austep Lighting, and his team put in a fantastic effort to ensure that everything that was promised was delivered effortlessly. It was a pleasure dealing with everyone involved in the project.”

Corporate Energy & Communications

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