Brisbane electrical firm says ‘enough is enough’ and wipes out power bill!

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Here’s how Gateway Electrical switched to solar energy to dramatically eliminate its soaring power costs, and gain ‘electrical independence’.

Brett Yuile, Sam Porter and Matt Riordan (Gateway Electrical) and Stephen Harley.

Gateway Electrical is a family owned and run industrial electrical services company established by Charlie Porter over 30 years ago.

The company - located at 1368 Kingsford Smith Drive Pinkenba and operated by Charlie and his son Sam - supplies the highest quality industrial electrical products and services to their clients.

“Our business supports a broad client base across sectors such as fuel and oil, bitumen, water treatment and construction. We specialise in hazardous area design and installation which gives us an edge on our competitors,” said Sam.

“We can also assist with switchboard and control panel manufacture and assembly. All our tradesmen are qualified electricians with an extensive knowledge of the industrial electrical industry. We are constantly improving our qualifications to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our consultant engineers allow us to offer clients a broad range of engineering and design services”.

Following the dramatic soaring power costs over the last few years, Sam recognised that, regardless of their industry knowledge, their business wasn’t immune to the rampant increase in electricity costs.

“For a small to medium enterprise like ours the power bill we receive each quarter is just outrageous,” said Sam.

“When Stephen Harley and Brett Yuile (Directors of Corporate Energy & Communications) approached us about wiping out our electricity bill and actually earning money back from the grid through ‘feed-in tariffs’ by having solar on the roof, of course I was interested. What right thinking business owner wouldn’t be?”

"Of course I was interested. What right thinking business owner wouldn’t be?”

Sam Porter said that Corporate Energy & Communications demonstrated that by investing in a solar array of 40 panels, and by taking advantage of the government green energy incentives and feedback tariffs, they could reduce his firm’s electricity bill to zero for the next 25 years.

Also, by feeding their excess solar electricity back into the grid they would actually earn a small income into the bargain and gain ‘electrical independence’.

Faced with the financial facts of the deal Sam made the decision to engage Corporate Energy & Communications to move the business to solar power. It took just 10 days to complete the conversion.

“Under the deal with Stephen and Brett, the return on our investment in changing over to solar power will take just three years to achieve. After that our electricity is basically at no cost for more than two decades” he said.

Sam said he could not speak more highly of Stephen and Brett in their professional and diligent approach in ensuring the solar conversion went through so smoothly.

Being an electrician by trade I had a very good understanding of the process and what needed to be done”, said Sam.

“Corporate Energy & Communications and their associates Energy Partners did a fantastic job in a very tight time frame. Like us, they are specialists, and in their specialty field of solar installations they have proven to us their expertise and outstanding performance”.

“I would highly recommend that other business owners suffering power bill shock take the opportunity to talk with Corporate Energy & Communications about wiping out their electricity bill like we have just done”.

Corporate Energy & Communications

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