Paddington Hardware nails down electricity costs.

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Established more than 40 years ago, Paddington Hardware has grown to become one of the foremost suppliers of colonial hardware, brassware, plumbing and paint in the Paddington and greater Brisbane community.

Brett Yuile, Gary Dwyer (Paddington Hardware), Stephen Harley, Ross Perrins (Paddington Hardware)

According to owner Ross Perrins, Paddington Hardware is renowned for its large range of brassware, having supplied clients all over Australia and the world.

So, when Ross Perrins bumped into Stephen Harley and Brett Yuile (Directors of Corporate Energy & Communications) one morning back in December, the talk soon turned into a serious discussion about one of the hottest subjects affecting Queensland business owners - the incredible rise in the cost of electricity.

I told Stephen that I knew that “we needed to reduce our electricity costs. My concerns were knowing who I could trust to give me an honest assessment of my needs and what genuine savings we could expect”.

At the time Ross was planning to extend Paddington Hardware’s total footprint by renovating his neighbouring property The Kookaburra Cafe.

“It was inevitable that my power costs were going to increase dramatically with the expansion of the business so we had to act,” he said.

Ross said that Corporate Energy put forward a comprehensive proposal that took into account a number of factors that impacted on both properties’ energy usage.

To avoid Ross’s business being re-classified under the demand electricity tariff it was recommended that he take a number of important steps to reduce the power consumption for both properties.

After an in-depth analysis, it was proposed to replace all of the existing fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting, install solar panels and take advantage of the government green energy incentives and feedback tariffs.

"I highly recommend Corporate Energy & Communications to other business owners who are frustrated with their excessive power costs”

Corporate Energy, through their partner Austep Lighting, replaced 280 light fittings and tubes with state of the art low energy LED lighting.

The work also included installing an array of 78 solar panels on the roof through another of their partners, Ecoelectric. The total fitout was completed within a six week period.

The net result of implementing Corporate Energy’s recommendations has seen Ross Perrins’ achieve a 95% p.a. savings on his electricity bills.

“I am absolutely delighted and amazed at the massive reduction to my energy bills.” he said. “Over the 20-year life of the solar system, I will save over $280,000.”

“Stephen and Brett were personally involved in every facet of the installation. Their eye for detail, selection of business partners, honesty, integrity and after installation follow up, has given me great peace of mind knowing I am now off the electricity company’s price merry go round.”

Gary Dwyer, store manager, says “not only are we practically off the grid, but so many customers have commented on the freshness of the interior of the shop since the upgrade and expansion to the new store”.

“Our ongoing savings are in the order of $14,000 per annum which is over 95% of our old bills.

Ross and Gary’s experience is testimony that you can escape your excessive power bills and achieve electricity independence.

Corporate Energy & Communications

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