“Oldmac Springwood does the deal” slashing 58%pa. off electricity cost.

Oldmac Toyota Springwood are on track to save over $94,000 pa. by installing LED lighting, solar panels and power factor units across their Showroom, Service Department and Used Car Division.

Graham Oldham (Oldmac Toyota), Brett Yuile, Greg Lewis (Oldmac Toyota) and Stephen Harley

Oldmac Toyota, a family owned customer centric business, have been providing professional motoring advice to Brisbane and beyond for over 40 years.

Graham Oldham, the owner of Oldmac Group, was initially sceptical when Stephen Harley and Brett Yuile from Corporate Energy & Communications first made the claim that they could save Oldmac 58% of their electricity costs.

Greg Lewis, the group financial controller, had been approached by many companies making claims of being able to save large amounts, but - as Greg said at the first meeting - they were “confused by all the claims and not sure who to trust”.

Stephen and Brett promised to deliver the 58% savings and personally gold-plate the entire process to become Oldmac’s trusted advisors on all energy matters.

The installation started in October 2018 and finished at the end of November 2018. Oldmac wanted to compare December 2018 against December 2017 and the results were even better than Corporate Energy & Communications had promised.

“We were thrilled when the first month produced 58.8% of savings, which reflects an ROI of 27%” Graham said.

The Used Car Division and the Service Department are almost wiping out their entire monthly bills as a result of the success of this installation. The Showroom uses more electricity due to after-hours internal lighting and outdoor security lights, but still has large savings.

“the first month produced 58.8% of savings”

Because of these tremendous results at Springwood, Graham has commissioned Corporate Energy & Communications to install 100kWp system at the new Mazda dealership opening at Capalaba in June 2019.

Greg Lewis has stated that he couldn’t believe how difficult the energy providers and brokers made the process of gaining tariff reclassification, feed-in tariffs and the correct energy contracts when compared with the smooth transition provided by Corporate Energy & Communications.

“I am now so confident with the professional ongoing support from Brett and Stephen, it is enabling me to navigate through this complex process which is saving us thousands of dollars per month” Greg said.

“The motor industry by its nature has buildings with large footprints and very high electricity usage.” Graham said. “In this competitive climate where margins are under pressure and everyone wants the best deal, we had to attack our costs and this is a win-win situation as these cost reductions continue for the 25-year life of the solar system.

We are also delighted to be doing our part to help save the planet by reducing our energy consumption”.

As Greg said, “Oldmac Toyota have gained Electricity Independence through this process and we would recommend Corporate Energy & Communications to other businesses looking to also gain the peace of mind of knowing they are off the electricity industry merry-go-round”.

Corporate Energy & Communications

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